maria hoffmann

– dimensions, 2021-2022

abstract paintings
palma de mallorca, spain

Being able to channel energies from other dimensions Maria received a series of transmissions. The invisible has taken the form of an abstract visualization and paintings have become a material manifestation of high frequencies. Each piece is a journey, the viewer only needs to adjust his subtle senses. Only you determine the depth to which you want to dive. Being open and willing to welcome the energies of other dimensions, we receive truly illuminating support and healing.

– visions, 2019

photography project
trouville-sur-mer, france

While meditating and observing nature, Maria created this abstract photography series to reveal her mysterious and intimate aspects. Each picture transmits a specific vibration that comes to resonate with our inner states. We then come to merge with the intimacy of nature and Maria, whose intention is to subtly bring some awareness to the power of details hidden in the world that surrounds us.

– totems, 2019

framed natural compositions
-sur-mer, france

Patiently collecting natural elements in her surrounding environment, Maria uses these treasures to craft poetic compositions that she frames. For these compositions, she gives the utmost attention to the selection of these pieces. Leaves, stones or crystals, branches, seaweed, or flowers, she carefully selects elements that “speak” by their outside appearance and especially by the hidden beauty and message they carry. She is fascinated by the fragile and vulnerable aspects of her findings, and also by the necessary strength and resilience they need to endure time and the elements.

To her, these pieces become sacred objects imbued with symbols and profound wisdom. She gives them a new life by revealing their aesthetic and philosophical value, as the work of the alchemist, she creates the miracle while focusing all her attention and love on these fruits of nature, that share in exchange some universal truths.

– les roches noires, 2019

series of drawings
trouville-sur-mer, france

A series of drawings created by Maria while living in the iconic building of the famous hotel Les Roches Noires in Normandy.

Maria explores the relationship between light, shadow, air, and space energy in the work process using the most simplified medium. 

An exceptional density of creative energy attracted many legendary artists to this place. Establishing a subtle connection with the geniuses who shared feelings for this unique corner of the earth, the author dedicates this series to the still-living “Les Roches Noires”.

– normandy orchid, 2018

photography project
-sur-mer, france

Life, death, and rebirth are the main aspects of the author’s research.

Against a dark background, Maria captured a collection of natural elements using only natural light. She carefully collected all objects for this project as random finds. Broken shells and withered underwater plants washed up on the shore of her town of Trouville-sur-Mer, broken branches of trees and fragile dried stems picked up along the road or lost in a nearby ravine.

By demonstrating the alchemy of transformation, Maria wants to show how the broken, the dead, the withered, and the discarded are reborn into the new, inspiring, and alive. The cycles of nature are perfect in accepting their essence. Thus, realizing the necessity of each stage of existence, dying, she wants to show that we carry out within us this alchemical process at all times.

– doors of perception, 2016-2018

35mm analog photography project
cyprus, france, hungary

This project is an open-energy dialogue. For several years, Maria has been shooting doors, which are the main characters in this project. Through the image of doors, the theme of the illusory perception of life is raised.

An open door, a door that is tightly locked, a door for which someone has a key, a door you are afraid to enter, a door where you don’t want to go back, a door you forgot about…

The symbol of the door is like a portal to the unknown, still unconscious and hidden in our subconscious. One way or another, this labyrinth of many options leads the reflecting viewer to himself, and the door is a projection of the mind, where everyone can discover their reality and realize the unlimited possibilities of choices.

– feeling, 2013-2015

multimedia performance
st petersburg, moscow, yaroslavl, limassol, palma de mallorca

Maria developed this project in collaboration with artist Alexander Antipin. Eleven videos connected under the title “Feeling” develop the theme of expanding sensuality. Using a multimedia approach, she engages and turns on the viewer through vibrational sensory.

The project was included in the list of participants of the Russian TEDX and was implemented in several countries in the form of a poetry performance.

– default park, 2012

video installation
st petersburg

Collaboration with digital artist Alexander Antipin. Maria’s poetry was used in the creation of the digital video installation.

– echo, 2011-2013

poetry performance
st petersburg, moscow

The project’s main idea is to transform the classical perception of poetry into a multimedia form of artistic expression.

Through sensory perception, the viewer is immersed in an emotional context. Poems and texts are read live by the author, accompanied by a specially created musical and visual background, creating a connection with each listener. Thus, all energies are connected in a single vibrational flow. Speech, music, light, and video installation speak the same language, forming an integral canvas. The nudity and frankness of words guide the safe space of intimate communication, where emotions and reactions are manifested for recognition.

In collaboration with artist Ruslan Mikailov (video), composer Yevgeny Kharitonov (music), and director Vitaly Saltykov (staging).

– echo book, 2011

st petersburg, moscow

This book contains a selection of Maria’s poems and prose. The red thread of this book is a pulsating transformational process that manifests itself through the life aspects of duality. Light and shadow, freedom and dependence, fullness and emptiness, male and female, separation and union, life and death.

The project includes presenting a special print edition and an exhibition of original artwork created specially for the book.

The book was created in collaboration with artists Irina Sazonova (illustration) and Anna Abrashina (design).